The Prophylactic Effect of Topically Applied Cedarwood Oil on Infection with Schistosoma mansoni in Mice

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  • Merck Institute for Therapeutic Research, Rahway, New Jersey
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Mice maintained for 1 week on a bedding of cedarwood shavings were refractory to Schistosoma mansoni infection when exposed by immersing their tails in a cercarial suspension.

Immersion of the tail in ether solutions containing 1% cedarwood oil completely prevented infection in mice exposed 4 hours later. A 50% solution of cedarwood oil in ether provided complete protection for 3 days. The prophylactic efficacy of a 20% cedarwood solution (in ether) was not impaired by washing the treated skin in running water for 4 hours.

East Indian sandalwood oil, clove oil and pineneedle oil have also been shown to possess prophylactic efficacy against S. mansoni.