Medical Helminthology

by J. M. Watson. 1st edition, 487 + xi pages, illustrated. London, Baillière, Tindall and Cox (The Williams & Wilkins Co., Baltimore, exclusive U. S. agents), 1960. $15.50

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  • University of Texas School of Medicine, Galveston, Texas

The stated aim of this book is to bring within short compass the most important and recent information regarding the species of human helminth parasites of major concern, and to stimulate research by indicating some of the questions still awaiting solution. The two column format of rather large pages, well printed in a compact but easily read type, permits the inclusion of a prodigious amount of material. The impression is of detailed coverage in breadth at some sacrifice of depth. Intended for medical and graduate students, it will probably not completely satisfy either group. The former, in the United States at least, will consider it too detailed, while the latter will find many aspects insufficiently incisive. The chief deficiency is a complete absence of literature citations. No names of authors are mentioned except where they are associated with specific methods or taxonomic groups.