Clinical Tropical Diseases

by A. R. D. Adams and B. G. Maegraith. 2nd edition, 540 + x pages, illustrated. Oxford, England, Blackwell Scientific Publications, Ltd. (Charles C Thomas, Springfield, Illinois, U. S. agents), 1960. $11.50

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  • National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland

In the introduction to the first edition of Clinical Tropical Diseases, the authors express their belief in the need for a handbook giving that information essential for the clinical diagnosis and treatment of those diseases which occur primarily in the tropics. Their aim was to supply essential facts as dogmatically and concisely as they could. The aim in the second edition was to modernize the book without increasing its bulk.

The result is 540 pages of concise information covering forty-four major disease or disease categories which will be of great value to all interested in tropical diseases, but especially those having clinical responsibilities.

The clinical entities are presented alphabetically, each subject usually being described in respect to definition, geographical distribution, etiology, pathology, clinical picture, diagnosis, treatment, and prophylaxis.

The book is both clearly written and pertinent, especially in regard to treatment. It is unquestionably a valuable contribution to clinical tropical medicine.