Anatomy—A Regional Study of Human Structure

by Ernest Gardner, M.D., Donald J. Gray, Ph.D., and Ronan O'Rahilly, M.Sc., M.D. 1st edition, 999 + xvi pages, illustrated. Philadelphia and London, W. B. Saunders Co., 1960. $15.00

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  • University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, Washington

In this period of radical change in the medical curriculum, the emphasis on human anatomy and the time allowed for its study in the preclinical years have been reduced to such a degree that the large standard systematic treatises on anatomy no longer can be used effectively as required texts. Several shorter texts of anatomy have appeared in recent years with the avowed purpose of filling the needs of the current, briefer courses in the subject. The present volume is the latest of these works to be published, but by no means the briefest.

As stated in the authors' preface, “… the MAJOR AIMS of the present work are (1) to provide a textbook that is sufficiently brief for the undergraduate medical and dental student during the present shortened course in human anatomy, (2) to provide information on living anatomy and to stress the importance of the relationship between structure and function, and (3), particularly by the citation of relevant reference to meet the needs of the more advanced student and postgraduate worker.”