Books Received

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Note: Books received for editorial consideration will be intermittently listed. This acknowledgment must be regarded as an adequate expression of appreciation for the courtesy of the author or publisher. Selections will be made for review in the interest of our readers.

Zinsser's Textbook of Bacteriology. By David T. Smith, Norman F. Conant, Joseph W. Beard, Hilda Pope, D. Gordon Sharp and Mary A. Poston, of Duke University School of Medicine. 10th Edition. 1012 pp. 330 illustrations. New York, Appleton-Century-Crofts, Inc. 1952.

Comparability of Statistics of Causes of Death According to the Fifth and Sixth Revisions of the International List. Bulletin of the World Health Organization, Supplement 4. Geneva, W. H. O., Palais des Nations, 1952. Price 2/9; $0.50; Fr. fr. 160; Sw. fr. 2.-

Biologie d'Anopheles gambiae. Recherches en Afrique-Occidentale Française. Serie de Monographie No. 9.