Global Epidemiology, a Geography of Disease and Sanitation, Volume 2, Africa and the Adjacent Islands

By James Stevens Simmons, Tom F. Whayne, Gaylord W. Anderson and Harold Maclachlan Horack; associate author Ruth Alida Thomas; and collaborators. 652 pp. with maps and illustrations. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott Company, 1951. Price: $15.00

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It is most appropriate that the second volume of this series of critical compilations on medico-sociologic intelligence dealing with the health and problems of Africa should appear at this time. Who knows but this continent may play a far more important rôle in the world's future than is generally realized or appreciated. Appropriately the volume is dedicated to Sir Patrick Manson who so wisely said: “Never refuse to see what you do not want to see, or what might go against your own cherished hypothesis, or against the views of authorities.” In eight sections the importance of geography and climate, populations, environment and sanitation, health services and medical facilities, and diseases of the Nile Valley, the Ethiopian Highlands, East Africa, the Islands of the Indian Ocean, South Africa, Equatorial Africa, West Africa and Northern Africa are shown and detailed in a most readable form.