Lutte Antipaludique par les Insecticides a Action Rémanente, Resultats des grandes campagnes

by E. J. Pampana, Chief, Malaria Section, W.H.O., pp. 72, Geneva, Switzerland, World Health Organization, 1951, price 5/—, $1.00, Sw. fr. 4.00

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This is an orderly summary of information concerning the major malaria control programs in various countries of Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe where residual insecticides have been used. Where possible, the author has recorded the size of the population exposed to malaria; the area of its endemicity; names of the important vectoral anophelines; the type, frequency, and application rate of the formulation used; the numbers of premises sprayed and of persons protected, the unit cost, and the results obtained. These last are expressed in terms of malaria morbidity and mortality, and of other paludometric data where available before and during the antimalarial campaigns. Much of the information is shown graphically in 11 figures, and statistically in 22 tables. Some 50 bibliographic references are cited, though it is evident that a considerable portion of the content has been derived from the personal communications of Dr. Pampana with malariologists in various countries.