Open Access Policy

The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene is a hybrid open access journal, meaning that some of our articles are freely available immediately upon publication. Authors or their granting institutions must pay our open access fee $3000 USD (or $2,500 USD for ASTMH members) in order for the article to be immediately available online.

There are two types of open access:

Gold Open Access means that the final published version of your article is permanently and freely available online for anyone to read at the time of publication. Your work may be reused with few restrictions, and people must credit you if they reuse your work. The journal uses the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY).

Green Open Access relates to self-archiving of your article. Authors who do not pay the open access fee may still deposit the final published version of their manuscript in institutional or subject repositories but we request that you keep them under embargo for 12 months. Green Open Access does not eliminate publishing fees. Publishing fees will still be assessed and collected. See our publishing fees page for details. 

Articles that are not open access are freely available after a 12-month embargo period. Until that time, readers who are not ASTMH members or institutional subscribers may purchase embargoed content for a nominal fee.

All journal content is freely available to ASTMH members and institutional subscribers immediately upon publication.

All journal content is deposited into PubMedCentral at the time of publication. Embargoed content will be made free after 12 months.

We comply fully with the open access requirements of UKRI, Wellcome, and NIHR. Where required by their funder, authors retain the right to distribute their author accepted manuscript (AAM), such as via an institutional and/or subject repository (e.g. EuropePMC), under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license for release no later than the date of first online publication. 

The author accepted manuscript (also known as the ‘postprint’) is the version of the work that has been accepted by the journal following peer review and includes all amendments made during that process, but which has not yet been branded, typeset, or copyedited by the publisher in any way.