ASTMH member subscribers

ASTMH membership includes a subscription to the online Journal.


Once ASTMH has received your membership dues, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access your online subscription. Your username for the Journal will be the same as the username you use to log in to the ASTMH website. The first time you log in to the Journal website you will be asked to choose a password. We suggest using the same password you use to log in to the ASTMH website. If you experience any difficulty during this process please contact the Journal office for assistance.

Member subscribers have online access to tables of contents, abstracts, full text searching, full text display, document delivery, PDFs, ahead-of-print content, future tables of contents, and the advantage of having password access to AJTMH Online from any computer connected to the Internet.

Members can receive a copy of the print Journal for a nominal fee. You may indicate this on your membership form or email ASTMH.

India subscribers please note: Long-standing, ongoing postal delivery problems from the U.S. to India have forced ASTMH to discontinue delivery of the print editions of the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene to India, effective immediately. ASTMH members and subscribers who live in India will continue to have free, full access to all issues online. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Frequently asked questions about member subscriptions


What if I forget my password?
We have instructions for what to do if you forget your user name or your password. Click here for assistance.

Who is eligible for a Member Subscription?
ASTMH Members are eligible for Member Subscriptions to AJTMH, which provides them with an electronic version of the Journal. Members may also have access to AJTMH Online through an Institutional Subscription. Institutional Subscriptions are somewhat more limited than Member Subscriptions. The special member services are not available to non-member subscribers, and full-text access from off of the institution's network (e.g. home access) is not available. ASTMH Members are the only individuals who can receive a subscription to AJTMH Online.

How can I access the AJTMH Online if I am not an ASTMH member and I don't have access through an institutional subscription?
You may wish to apply for ASTMH membership which provides access to the electronic version. Without a subscription you have access to Tables of contents, abstracts, and full text searching (without full text viewing) at no cost and without having to register.

What does a member subscription include?
Your subscription includes access to current content and to legacy content (1921-1997). The general public can access these articles by purchasing them individually or by purchasing a 24-hour site pass. Also, as an ASTMH member you are immediately eligible for a discount on page charges for publishing in the Journal.