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February 2022



Rickettsioses and Q Fever in Tanzania: Estimating the Burden of Pervasive and Neglected Causes of Severe Febrile Illness in Sub-Saharan Africa

Paul W. Blair, Mohammed Lamorde, and J. Stephen Dumler



Multibacillary Mid-Borderline Leprosy with Type 1 Lepra Reaction and Concurrent Latent Tuberculosis

Rusheng Chew and Marion L. Woods


Uncommon Presentation of Tuberculosis as an Incidentally Discovered Solitary Pleural Tuberculoma

Takeshi Kinjo, Mitsuyoshi Shimoji, and Jiro Fujita Diffuse Non-Genital Cutaneous Warts Ranjan Kumar Singh Chilblains Associated with Chronic Chikungunya Marcus Villander Barros de Oliveira Sá, Daniel Sá Araújo Lins Carvalho, and Luydson Richardson Silva Vasconcelos



Being Present in the Silence

Abigail Patterson and Eshana Shah



Snakebite Management and One Health in Asia Using an Integrated Historical, Social and Ecological Framework

Félix Landry Yuan, Anne Devan-Song, Sam Yue, and Timothy C. Bonebrake

Resilient Clinical Trial Infrastructure in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons Learned from the TOGETHER Randomized Platform Clinical Trial

Jamie I. Forrest, Angeli Rawat, Felipe Duailibe, Christina M. Guo, Sheila Sprague, Paula McKay, Gilmar Reis, and Edward J. Mills



Melioidosis in Africa: Time to Raise Awareness and Build Capacity for Its Detection, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Emma Birnie, Ayorinde James, Folake Peters, Makinwa Olajumoke, Tieble Traore, Eric Bertherat, Trung T. Trinh, Dhamari Naidoo, Ivo Steinmetz, W. Joost Wiersinga, Rita Oladele, and Alani S. Akanmu



American Medical Trainee Perspectives on Ethical Conflicts during a Short-Term Global Health Rotation in Ethiopia: A Qualitative Analysis of 30 Cases

Chelsea E. Modlin, Andrea C. Vilorio, Benjamin Stoff, Dawn L. Comeau, Tewodros H. Gebremariam, Miliard Derbew, Henry M. Blumberg, Carlos del Rio, and Russell R. Kempker


Global Health Training Collaborations: Lessons Learned And Best Practices

Kathy Z. Chang, Kristina Gracey, Brooke Lamparello, Bridget Nandawula, and Nancy Pandhi


Expanding Global Health Engagement through Fogarty Fellowship Programs

Allison A. Henry, Donna J. Ingles, Liping Du, Sten H. Vermund, Douglas C. Heimburger, and Muktar H. Aliyu


U-Shaped Association between Maternal Hemoglobin and Low Birth Weight in Rural Bangladesh

Rebecca M. Carpenter, Sk Masum Billah, Genevieve R. Lyons, Md Shahjahan Siraj, Qazi S. Rahman, Vanessa Thorsten, Elizabeth M. McClure, Rashidul Haque, and William A. Petri Jr.


Underutilization and Quality Gaps in Blood Culture Processing in Public Hospitals of Peru

Fiorella Krapp, Claudia Rondon, Catherine Amaro, Evelyn Barco-Yaipén, María Valera-Krumdieck, Rubén Vásquez, Alexander Briones, Martin Casapia, Antonio Burgos, Favio Sarmiento López, Pierina Vilcapoma, Roberto Díaz Sipión, Miguel Villegas-Chiroque, Kelly Castillo, Jimena Pino-Dueñas, Edwin Cuaresma Cuadros, Hugo Alpaca-Salvador, René Campana, Teresa Peralta Córdova, Elizett Sierra Chavez, Carla Aguado Ventura, Marjan Peeters, Jan Jacobs, and Coralith Garcia


Cognitive Outcomes at 18 Months: Findings from the Early Life Interventions for Childhood Growth and Development in Tanzania (ELICIT) Trial

Tarina Parpia, Erling Svensen, Sarah Elwood, Anne Wanjuhi, Ladislaus Blacy, Eliwaza Bayo, Eric Houpt, Elizabeth Rogawski McQuade, Mark DeBoer, James Platts-Mills, Estomih Mduma, and Rebecca Scharf

Healthcare Seeking and Access to Care for Pneumonia, Sepsis, Meningitis, and Malaria in Rural Gambia

Ilias Hossain, Philip Hill, Christian Bottomley, Momodou Jasseh, Kalifa Bojang, Markieu Kaira, Alhagie Sankareh, Golam Sarwar, Brian Greenwood, Stephen Howie, and Grant Mackenzie


Detection of Pathogens of Acute Febrile Illness Using Polymerase Chain Reaction from Dried Blood Spots

Brian Grundy, Ursula Panzner, Jie Liu, Hyon Jin Jeon, Justin Im, Vera von Kalckreuth, Frank Kon-ings, Gi Deok Pak, Ligia Maria Cruz Espinoza, Abdramane Soura Bassiahi, Nagla Gasmelseed, Raphaë Rakotozandrindrainy, Suzanne Stroup, Eric R. Houpt, and Florian Marks

Clinical, Sociodemographic and Environmental Risk Factors for Acute Bacterial Diarrhea among Adults and Children over Five Years in Bangladesh

Sabiha Nasrin, Stephanie C. Garbern, Monique Gainey, Samika Kanekar, Mahmuda Monjory, Dil-ruba Ahmed, Kexin Qu, Tzu-Chun Chu, Christopher H. Schmid, Eric J. Nelson, Tahmeed Ahmed, Nur H. Alam, and Adam C. Levine


An Application of the Integrated Behavioral Model for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene to Assess Per-ceived Community Acceptability and Feasibility of the Biosand Filter among Maasai Pastoralists in Rural Tanzania

Tina Paasche, Mairead Whelan, Marissa Nahirney, Saningo Olemshumba, and Sheri Bastien


School Sanitation-Related Psychosocial Stressors among Nigerian Students

Ojima Zechariah Wada, Aminat Opeyemi Amusa, Fiyinfoluwa Taiwo Asaolu, David Olatunde Akinyemi, and Elizabeth Omoladun Oloruntoba


Clinical Evaluation of the Modified Faine Criteria in Patients Admitted with Suspected Leptospirosis to the Territorial Hospital, New Caledonia, 2018 to 2019

Hélène Guibreteau, Arnaud Tarantola, Cyrille Goarant, Shirley Gervolino, Ann-Claire Gourinat, Ju-lien Colot, Cécile Cazorla, and Elise Klement-Frutos


Incidence Estimates of Acute Q Fever and Spotted Fever Group Rickettsioses, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, from 2007 to 2008 and from 2012 to 2014

Sruti Pisharody, Matthew P. Rubach, Manuela Carugati, William L. Nicholson, Jamie L. Perniciaro, Holly M. Biggs, Michael J. Maze, Julian T. Hertz, Jo E. B. Halliday, Kathryn J. Allan, Blandina T. Mmbaga, Wilbrod Saganda, Bingileki F. Lwezaula, Rudovick R. Kazwala, Sarah Cleaveland, Venance P. Maro, and John A. Crump


Nontyphoidal Salmonella among Children under 5 Years Old in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia in the Global Enteric Multicenter Study

Rina Das, Md. Ahshanul Haque, Mohammod Jobayer Chisti, Tahmeed Ahmed, and Abu Syed Golam Faruque

Ruminant-Related Risk Factors are Associated with Shiga Toxin–Producing Escherichia coli Infection in Children in Southern Ghana

Nathalie J. Lambrecht, Mark L. Wilson, Dave Bridges, Joseph N. S. Eisenberg, Bright Adu, Ana Bay-lin, Gloria Folson, and Andrew D. Jones


Detection of Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli in Rotavirus-Infected Ghanaian Children Diagnosed with Acute Gastroenteritis

Bartholomew Dzudzor, Albert Amenyedor, Vincent Amarh, and George E. Armah


Prior Carriage Predicts Intensive Care Unit Infections Caused by Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase–Producing Enterobacteriaceae

Hatem Kallel, Stephanie Houcke, Dabor Resiere, Thibault Court, Cesar Roncin, Mathieu Raad, Flaubert Nkontcho, Magalie Demar, Jean Pujo, Didier Hommel, and Felix Djossou


Impact of Temperature and Rainfall on Typhoid/Paratyphoid Fever in Taizhou, China: Effect Estimation and Vulnerable Group Identification

Qi Gao, Zhidong Liu, Jianjun Xiang, Ying Zhang, Michael Xiaoliang Tong, Shuzi Wang, Yiwen Zhang, Qiyong Liu, Baofa Jiang, and Peng Bi


Assessment of Rapid Diagnostic Tests for Typhoid Diagnosis and Assessment of Febrile Illness Outbreaks in Fiji

Strobel Aneley Getahun, Stephanie Airs, Cattram Nguyen, Taina Rokobuli Vadei, Silivia Matanitobua, Mike Kama, Conall H. Watson, John A. Crump, Edward Kim Mulholland, Richard A. Strugnell, and Christopher M. Parry


Case Report: Severe Dental Abscess Complications in Rural Sierra Leone

Rosa Roemers, Aminata I. Sesay, Musa G. Sesay, Jan Henk Dubbink, Heleen M. Koudijs, Louise K. Hoevenaars, Hassan Bangura, Fred K. L. Spijkervet, and Martin P. Grobusch


Immunogenicity of Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine in Vietnamese Health-Care Workers

Nguyen Van Vinh Chau, Lam Anh Nguyet, Nguyen Thanh Truong, Le Mau Toan, Nguyen Thanh Dung, Le Manh Hung, Mai Thanh Nhan, Dinh Nguyen Huy Man, Nghiem My Ngoc, Huynh Phuong Thao, Tran Nguyen Hoang Tu, Huynh Kim Mai, Do Thai Hung, Nguyen Thi Han Ny, Le Kim Thanh, Nguyen To Anh, Nguyen Thi Thu Hong, Le Nguyen Truc Nhu, Lam Minh Yen, Marc Choisy, Tran Tan Thanh, Guy Thwaites, and Le Van Tan for the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit COVID-19 Research Group


COVID-19 Serology Control Panel Using the Dried-Tube Specimen Method

William J. Windsor, Vijaya Knight, Patricia A. Merkel, Molly M. Lamb, Heidi R. Tucker, Kyle Carson, Kelly M. Howard, Jennifer L. Yates, Mario L. Santiago, Mary K. McCarthy, Thomas E. Morrison, Ross M. Kedl, Ashley Frazer-Abel, Kejun Guo, Gillian Andersen, Leah Huey, Bradley S. Barrett, Jessica M. Colón-Franco, William T. Lee, and May C. Chu


Case Report: Rhino-orbital Mucormycosis Related to COVID-19: A Case Series Exploring Risk Factors

Sushil Kumar Aggarwal, Upinder Kaur, Dolly Talda, Akshat Pandey, Sumit Jaiswal, Ahalya Kanakan, Anshuman Singh, and Sankha Shubhra Chakrabarti


COVID-19-Associated Pulmonary Aspergillosis in a Series of Complete Autopsies from the Brazilian Amazon

Maria Eduarda Farias, Monique Freire Santana, Luiz Ferreira, Mayla Borba, João Silva-Neto, José Diego Brito-Sousa, Djane Clarys Baía-da-Silva, Guilherme Pivoto João, Fernando Val, Mariana Simão, João Vicente Souza, Felipe Naveca, Gisely Melo, Wuelton Monteiro, and Marcus Lacerda


Case Report: Cerebral Phaeohyphomycosis Due to Chaetomium strumarium in a Child with Visceral Heterotaxy Syndrome

Bárbara Cárdenas Del Castillo, Jose Iván Castillo Bejarano, Oscar DeLaGarza-Pineda, José Ascención Arenas Ruiz, Hiram Villanueva Lozano, Rogelio de J. Treviño-Rangel, Gloria González M., and Joyce Marie García Martínez


Case Report: Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever with Ischemic Stroke

Basnayake Wasala Mudiyanselage Kumarini Eranthika Basnayake, Kaluachchi Gamage Samanthi Kumari Somaratne, Chathuri Udeshika Goonetilleke, Pattiniya Markkala Yasoma Indrani Tilakaratna, and Udaya Kumara Ranawaka


First Record of Natural Transovarial Transmission of Dengue Virus in Aedes albopictus from Cuba

Luis Augusto Piedra, Liss Claudia Martinez, Armando Ruiz, Juan Ramon Vazquez, Maria Guadalupe Guzman, Jorge Rey, and Juan Andres Bisset


Capacity of a Multiplex IgM Antibody Capture ELISA to Differentiate Zika and Dengue Virus Infections in Areas of Concurrent Endemic Transmission

Freddy A. Medina, Frances Vila, Lakshmanane Premkumar, Olga Lorenzi, Gabriela Paz-Bailey, Luisa I. Alvarado, Vanessa Rivera-Amill, Aravinda de Silva, Steve Waterman, and Jorge Muñoz-Jordán


ZIKV-Related Ideations and Modern Contraceptive Use: Cross-Sectional Evidence from the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala

Julia M. Fleckman, Martha Silva, Jeni Stolow, Kendra LeSar, Kathryn Spielman, and Paul Hutchinson


Serological Evidence of Zika Virus Infection in Febrile Patients and Healthy Blood Donors in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, 2017–2018

Mya Myat Ngwe Tun, Daisuke Mori, Shahnaz Binti Sabri, Omar Kugan, Saliz Binti Shaharom, Jecelyn John, Aung Min Soe, Khine Mya Nwe, Jiloris Frederick Dony, Shingo Inoue, Kouichi Morita, and Kamrudin Ahmed


Serological Responses in Patients Infected with Mayaro Virus and Evaluation of Cross-Protective Responses against Chikungunya Virus

Nathen E. Bopp, Kara J. Jencks, Crystyan Siles, Carolina Guevara, Stalin Vilcarromero, Diana Fernández, Eric S. Halsey, Julia S. Ampuero, and Patricia V. Aguilar


Seasonal Dynamics of Mosquito-Borne Viruses in the Southwestern Florida Everglades, 2016, 2017

John F. Anderson, Durland Fish, Philip M. Armstrong, Michael J. Misencik, Angela Bransfield, Francis J. Ferrandino, Theodore G. Andreadis, Mark D. Stenglein, and Marylee L. Kapuscinski


Case Report: Splenic Infarction in Infectious Mononucleosis due to Epstein–Barr Virus Infection

Hiroaki Nishioka, Katsuma Hayashi, and Hayato Shimizu


Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice among Saudi Residents Regarding Hepatitis E Virus

Shaima O. Althobaiti, Ghaida O. Alhumaidi, Waad M. Alwagdani, Kawther M. Almaroani, Batool S. Altowairqi, Mahmoud S. Alhaddad, and Sayed F. Abdelwahab


Analysis of the Knockdown Resistance Locus (kdr) in Anopheles stephensi, An. arabiensis, and Culex pipiens s.l. for Insight Into the Evolution of Target-site Pyrethroid Resistance in Eastern Ethiopia

Tamar E. Carter, Araya Gebresilassie, Shantoy Hansel, Lambodhar Damodaran, Callum Montgomery, Victoria Bonnell, Karen Lopez, Daniel Janies, and Solomon Yared


Case Report: Intravenous Pentamidine Rescue Treatment for Active Chronic Visceral Leishmaniasis in an HIV-1 Infected Patient

Flavia Chechi, Paola Corsi, Dario Bartolozzi, Giovanni Gaiera, Alessandro Bartoloni, and Lorenzo Zammarchi


Association between Hypertriglyceridemia and Disease Severity in Visceral Leishmaniasis

Mariana Garcez Varela, Mariana de Oliveira Bezerra, Felipe Vieira Santana, Marcos Couto Gomes, Pedro Ribeiro de Jesus Almeida, Geydson Silveira da Cruz, Enaldo Vieira de Melo, Paulo Roberto de Oliveira Costa, Fabrícia Alvisi de Oliveira, Amélia Ribeiro de Jesus, and Roque Pacheco de Almeida


Effectiveness and Community Acceptance of Extending Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention to Children 5 to 14 Years of Age in Dangassa, Mali

Drissa Konaté, Sory Ibrahim Diawara, Bourama Keita, Nafomon Sogoba, Mahamadou Fayiçal, Agnès Guindo, Sibe Thiam, Sékou Fantamady Traoré, Jeffrey G. Shaffer, Seydou Doumbia, and Mahamadou Diakité


Malaria Epidemiology Along the Indian Districts Bordering Bhutan and Implications for Malaria Elimination in the Region

Sanjeev Kumar Gupta, Poonam Saroha, Kuldeep Singh, Rekha Saxena, Keshab Barman, Avdhesh Kumar, and Amit Sharma


Screening for Chronic Infectious Diseases by Serology in Those Presenting with Malaria in London, United Kingdom

Alison Gowland, Emma McGuire and Anna L. Goodman


Improved Detectability of Plasmodium falciparum Clones with Repeated Sampling in Incident and Chronic Infections in Burkina Faso

Aissata Barry, Shehu S. Awandu, Alfred B. Tiono, Lynn Grignard, Teun Bousema, and Katharine A. Collins


Missed Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax Mixed Infections in Ethiopia Threaten Malaria Elimination

Colleen M. Leonard, Hussein Mohammed, Mekonnen Tadesse, Jessica N. McCaffery, Doug Nace, Eric S. Halsey, Samuel Girma, Ashenafi Assefa, Jimee Hwang, and Eric Rogier


Assessing an Adaptation of the Universal Parasite Diagnostic Assay for Bloodborne Parasites in a US State Public Health Laboratory

Brooke Clemons, Joel Barratt, Meredith Lane, Yvonne Qvarnstrom, Allen E. Teal, Greicy Zayas, and Susan Madison-Antenucci


Case Report: Molecular Diagnosis of Cystoisospora belli in a Severely Immunocompromised Patient with HIV and Kaposi Sarcoma

Roumen Borilov Iordanov, Lauren M. Leining, Meng Wu, Galant Chan, Andrew R. DiNardo, and Rojelio Mejia


Severe Keratitis Caused by Acanthamoeba Genotype T12 in Thailand: A Case Report

Vannarut Satitpitakul, Chaturong Putaporntip, and Somchai Jongwutiwes


Impact of a Novel, Low-Cost and Sustainable Health Education Program on the Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Related to Intestinal Schistosomiasis in School Children in a Hard-to-Reach District of Madagascar

Stephen A. Spencer, Emmanuel H. Andriamasy, Cortland Linder, James M. StJ. Penney, Jemima Henstridge-Blows, Hannah J. Russell, Kate Hyde, Caitlin Sheehy, Isla L. Young, Benedicte Sjoflot, Daniel A. L. Rakotomampianina, Anjara M. Nandimbiniaina, Gina U. Raderalazasoa, Tahiry N. Ranaivoson, Antsa Andrianiaina, Rasolofomanana S. M. Michèle, Zafera A. Rohe, Amaya L. Bustinduy, J. Russell Stothard, Sheena M. Cruickshank, Glenn T. Edosoa, and Alain M. Rahetilahy


Case Report: Challenges for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Strongyloides stercoralis in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients

Alireza Ashiri, Abdollah Rafiei, Molouk Beiromvand, Abdollah Khanzadeh, and Arash Alghasi


Impact of Annual versus Semiannual Mass Drug Administration with Ivermectin and Albendazole on Helminth Infections in Southeastern Liberia

Obiora A. Eneanya, Lincoln Gankpala, Charles W. Goss, Fatorma K. Bolay, Gary J. Weil, and Peter U. Fischer


Case Report: Disseminated Cysticercosis due to Intentional Ingestion of Parasitic Worm Eggs for Weight Loss

Han-Yu Zhang, Guo-Xing Wang, Yue-Yan Xing, and Miao-Rong Xie


Case Report: Total Nephrectomy for Renal Hydatidosis

Gustavo Hernández-Córdova, Virgilio E. Failoc-Rojas, Rigel Tarco, Sebastian Iglesias-Osores, and Franco Romaní


Prevalence of Echinococcus Species in Wild Foxes and Stray Dogs in Qinghai Province, China

Huixia Cai, Jing Zhang, Xuefei Zhang, Yayi Guan, Xiao Ma, Jianping Cao, Junying Ma, Na Liu, Hao Wu, Yufang Liu, Jia Liu, Wei Wang, Wen Lei, Kemei Shi, Qing Zhang, Xiongying Zhang, Peizhen Zhan, and Yujuan Shen


Trends in the Surgical Incidence of Cystic Echinococcosis in Uzbekistan from 2011 to 2018

Agnese Colpani, Olesya Achilova, Gian Luca D’Alessandro, Christine M. Budke, Mara Mariconti, Timur Muratov, Ambra Vola, Arzu Mamedov, Maria Teresa Giordani, Xusan Urukov, Annalisa De Silvestri, Uktam Suvonkulov, Enrico Brunetti, and Tommaso Manciulli


Impact of Semi-Annual Albendazole on Lymphatic Filariasis and Soil-Transmitted Helminth Infection: Parasitological Assessment after 14 Rounds of Community Treatment

Sébastien D. S. Pion, Cédric B. Chesnais, Gary J. Weil, Frédéric Louya, Michel Boussinesq, and François Missamou


An Integrated District Mapping Strategy for Loiasis to Enable Safe Mass Treatment for Onchocerciasis in Gabon

Sylvie Ntsame Ella, Kisito Ogoussan, Katherine Gass, Lee Hundley, Peter J. Diggle, Olatunji Johnson, Marco Biamonte, and Julienne Atsame


A Reevaluation of the Tolerability and Effects of Single-Dose Ivermectin Treatment on Onchocerca volvulus Microfilariae in the Skin and Eyes in Eastern Ghana

Nicholas O. Opoku, Michael E. Gyasi, Felix Doe, Daphne Lew, Augustine R. Hong, Sithembele Chithenga, Peter U. Fischer, Christopher L. King, and Gary J. Weil


Case Report: Rotational Thromboelastometry in Taipan Envenomation

Catherine L. Tacon, Azhar Munas, and Mark Little