Author fees

AJTMH Publication Fees

AJTMH publication fees are based on manuscript type. Corresponding authors that are members will continue to enjoy a discount on these fees as well as Open Access fees. (Please see below for information about waivers.) 

Fees for manuscripts submitted on or after January 1, 2023 (all prices in USD):

Article Type ASTMH Member Rate Non-Member Rate
Original Research Paper $1,200 $1,600
Short Report - 1,500 words $600 $800
Case Report - 1,500 words $300 $400
Perspective - 1,500 words $300 $400
Images - 300 words $150 $200
Review - 2,000 words $300 $400
Meeting Report - 1,500 $300 $400

Additional fees may be assessed if mansucripts exceed word counts.
There are no page charges for the following manuscript types:

Letters to the Editor - Book Reviews - Stories from the Field

Open Access Fees

Corresponding Authors that are ASTMH Members: $2,500

Non-Members: $3,000

AJTMH is a Transformative Journal, and as such, we encourage our authors to choose to publish Open Access with us if they have the means to do so. 

Please note, this fee does not include print color, which is an extra charge. Please note that authors who choose to pay Open Access fees will not pay the Article Type fees and their articles will be freely available to the public at the time of publication.

Color Figures

There is a fee for printed color figures. All color figures will appear in color online at no additional charge. 

Corresponding Authors that are ASTMH Members: $300 per printed color figure

Non-Members: $600 per printed color figure



Page charges (for manuscripts submitted prior to 2023). Authors are responsible for paying page charges based on the number of printed pages in the Journal once their article has been accepted and galley proofs are received.  The fee is $150 per page for manuscripts submitted by a Corresponding Author who is a member of the ASTMH and $200 per page for non-ASTMH members. Charges for printed color figures are $500 per page of color. There is no charge for figures that are in color only online. Supplemental data such as additional tables and figures can be included in the online version of a paper and referenced in the print version. Page charges are due upon receipt of galley proofs. The corresponding author will receive an email with a link to galley proofs a few weeks after manuscript acceptance. A separate email with a link to an invoice will be sent; at that time authors can choose if they want to pay the regular page charge fees listed above or the open access fee of $2,500. There are no page charges for Letters to the Editor, Book Reviews, or Stories From the Field. Images in Clinical Tropical Medicine submitted between July 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022 will incur a flat rate of $200 to publish.


Waivers. Consideration for a page charge waiver requires that ALL co-authors are from  low- and low-middle income countries and have no sources of support for page charges. We may offer full or partial waivers. Please appreciate that funds for waivers are limited as ASTMH is a non profit. We do not grant waivers until a paper is accepted. To be considered for a full or partial waiver of charges, please email the Managing Editor after your paper has been accepted with the manuscript number and explain the reason for the waiver request. Manuscripts with co-authors from high income countries as designated by the World Bank will not be eligible for a waiver.