Malaria Transmission and Immunity in the Kenyan Highlands


These articles were published ahead of print on October 27, 2020 and are related studies conducted in an area of Kenya’s Western Highlands where malaria transmission has historically been low and unstable. These articles will be published in final form in the December issue of the Journal.

"These reports offer four valuable studies on different aspects of malaria in areas that have greatly improved the malaria situation, but not yet eliminated the disease, in western Kenya. Together, they offer vital insights into the challenging task of moving from improved malaria control to malaria elimination in Africa." - Philip Rosenthal, FASTMH, AJTMH Editor-in-Chief

"We’ve been working with our Kenya Medical Research Institute colleagues and the communities in these highland areas for two decades. That kind of long-term partnership has allowed us to look at patterns of malaria immunity and transmission over time as malaria cases decreased dramatically, and the studies give us great insights into what might be needed to take malaria in this area from low transmission to no transmission." - Chandy C. John, FASTMH, Department of Pediatrics, Indiana University

Opportunities for Subnational Malaria Elimination in High-Burden Countries   

Kim A. Lindblade and S. Patrick Kachur

Antibody Correlates of Protection from Clinical Plasmodium falciparum Malaria in an Area of Low and Unstable Malaria Transmission 

Karen E. S. Hamre, Bartholomew N. Ondigo, James S. Hodges, Sheetij Dutta, Michael Theisen, George Ayodo and Chandy C. John

A Mass Insecticide-Treated Bed Net Distribution Campaign Reduced Malaria Risk on an Individual but Not Population Level in a Highland Epidemic-Prone Area of Kenya 

Karen E. S. Hamre, George Ayodo, James S. Hodges and Chandy C. John

Antibody Profiles to P. falciparum Antigens Over Time Characterize Acute and Long-Term Malaria Exposure in an Area of Low and Unstable Transmission 

Bartholomew N. Ondigo, Karen E. S. Hamre, Anne E. P. Frosch, George Ayodo, Michael T. White and Chandy C. John

Lack of Consistent Malaria Incidence Hotspots in a Highland Kenyan Area During a 10-Year Period of Very Low and Unstable Transmission 

Karen E. S. Hamre, James S. Hodges, George Ayodo and Chandy C. John



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