By Robert McCarrison, Lieut. Col, I.M.S., pp. 115. The Macmillan Company, New York, 1929

E. B. Vedder
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This little book of 115 pages by the leading exponent of nutrition in India, is intended for and dedicated to the children of India, and its royalties are devoted to Indian charities.

The book is ideal for its purpose, being devoid of technicalities, and covering in twenty-one short chapters all the essential ingredients of a proper diet, explaining the reason and necessity for the proper amount and proportion of each one. The sources from which each of these ingredients may be obtained, and the additions which should be made to the deficient diets upon which millions of the Indian people subsist, are plainly told.

Being written for the Indian people, the native names of foods are largely used, the English names being usually given in parentheses. But in certain cases this precaution was neglected, and readers in other countries will scarcely understand the dietary place of cholam and cambu.

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