Volume s1-9 (1929): Issue 5 (Sep 1929)

Book Review
Diagnostics and Treatment of Tropical Diseases
E. R. Stitt, M.D. Fifth Edition. 1929. Pp. I–XIX. 1–918. P. Blakiston's Son and Company. Philadelphia
Book Review
A Manual of Helminthobogy—Medical and Veterinary—Medical and Veterinary
By H. A. Baylis, M.A., D.Sc., Assistant Keeper, Department of Zoology, British Museum (Natural History). Pp. xi and 276. An index of Parasites and a General Index. 200 text figures. Wm. Wood and Company, New York
Book Review
Animal Parasitology. With Special Reference to Man and Domesticated Animals
By Robert Hegner, Ph.D., Francis M. Root, Ph.D., and Donald L. Augustine, Sc.D. The Century Biological Series. Pp. I–XXI. 1–731. Illustrated. Octavo. The Century Company. New York and London. 1929
Book Review
Protozoology. A Manual for Medical Men
By John Gordon Thomson, M.A., M.D., Ch.B., and Andrew Robertson, M.B., Ch.B. Royal Octavo, Pp. I–XIII. 1–376. Illustrated. 1929. Wm. Wood and Company, New York