Serum Diagnosis by Complement Fixation

By John A. Kolmer, M.S., M.D., Dr. P.H., D. Sc., LL.D. Illustrated. Pp. I–XIX, 1–483. Lea and Febiger, Philadelphia

Chas. F. Craig
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In this very excellent work Dr. Kolmer has given a summary of the clinical and laboratory investigations he has made during the past nine years in this subject, together with the most important work that has been accomplished in complement fixation in the diagnosis of disease by others. In Part I the author states in a simple and interesting manner the underlying principles of serum-hemolysis and complement fixation; in Part II, the principles of technique which are so important in the application of complement fixation to diagnosis; in Part III, the results of his own methods in the application of complement fixation tests; and in Part IV, the sensitiveness, specificity and practical applications of the methods in the serum diagnosis and treatment of syphilis, tuberculosis, gonorrhoea, glanders, contagious abortion, typhoid fever, echinococcus disease, dourine, and numerous other bacterial, protozoal, and metazoal diseases of human beings and the lower animals.

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