Travaux Pratiques de Parasitologie

By E. Brumpt and M. Neveu-LLemaire. Pp. VI and 286, with alphabetical index and table of contents. There are 202 figures in the text. Published by Masson et Cie., 120 Boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris, 1929

Paul A. Schule
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This book is intended as a practical guide in Parasitology for students of medicine. It is not a complete enumeration of the parasites of man; only the more important are mentioned and the description of each is very brief, while the pathology and the treatment of the diseases concerned is entirely omitted. The parasites treated are the blood-sucking insects and other arthropods as well as those parasitic in the larval state, the worms, protozoa, spirochetes and molds (hyphomycetes). The book is an abbreviation of the senior author's well known Precis de Parasitologie.

There is a chapter on the examination of the blood and one on the examination of the stools. Certainly the text here is inadequate, even in a brief practical guide. It may be said that, just because the book is intended to be a guide to practical work in Parasitology, these chapters on the technique of actual laboratory procedures are disappointing.

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