Herts und Kreislauf bei der Beriberi-Krankheit. (Heart and Circulation in Beriberi)

By W. C. Aalsmeer and K. F. Wenckebach. Urban and Schwarzenberg, Berlin and Vienna, 1929. 79 pages, two plates

E. B. Vedder
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The plan of the work is a clinical study of the heart in beriberi by Aalsmeer, (56 pages) followed by a theoretical explanation of the phenomena by Wenckebach. No attempt will be made to present the observations here recorded in detail, for the peculiar changes in the heart have been described by all students of the disease. We need only say that the study has been thorough, including a clinical description of the heart in mild, moderate and severe cases, and of the so-called acute pernicious form. Modern methods include the study of the blood pressure, skiagrams of the heart (plate 1) and electrocardiogram tracings (plate 2).

The beriberi cardiac syndrome may be regarded as total heart muscle weakness, without any sign of left insufficiency, but the regular presence of right insufficiency with all its recognized physical signs and results, but no congestion of the lungs.

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