Further Studies on Chara Spp. and Other Aquatic Plants in Relation to Mosquito Breeding

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  • Department of Entomology, New York State College of Agriculture, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

The study of the effects of Chara fragilis (fig. 1) on mosquito development reported in 1928 (6) has been continued and expanded during the past season. Our investigations were directed along five principal lines: (a) Continued studies of the effects of Chara fragilis on larval development under experimental conditions. (b) A survey of a portion of the central New York area to determine the distribution of Chara spp. and their effect on mosquito density. (c) The introduction of Chara fragilis into various types of ponds, marshes, etc., to study its rate of growth and effect on future mosquito breeding. (d) A continued study of the food (plankton) in Chara ponds and typical mosquito breeding pools. (e) The effects of other aquatic plants on the larvae of Culicidae.

The results of this season's work can be presented best under these five headings.

Experimental Work With Chara Spp.