A Case of Splenomegaly Showing Para-Typhoid Bacilli

Henry Edmund Meleney Nashville, Tennessee

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  1. 1. Under the name “tropical febrile splenomegaly” have been grouped a number of distinct diseases. One of these occurs outside the tropics, notably in North China in the neighborhood of Peking and Tientsin.
  2. 2. A case of this kind is described in which a paratyphoid bacillus was isolated from the spleen at the time of splenectomy.
  3. 3. Although the etiology in cases presenting this clinical picture may not always be the same, there is little doubt that it is always due to a microörganism, whose chief activity is in the spleen, with a secondary effect upon the liver.
  4. 4. Careful culturing of the blood of such patients, together with cultures from spleen and liver punctures, and from liver tissue and spleen at the time of splenectomy, if carried out early in the disease, should yield important data on its etiology.

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