Malaria in India

By Major General Sir Patrick Hehir. Indian Medical Service. (Retired.) London and New York. Oxford University Press. 1927. Page I–XIX, 1–490

Chas. F. Craig
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This beautiful volume is a monument to the author, who, for so many years, has been one of the great authorities upon malaria in India, and through whose efforts so much has been accomplished in that country in the prophylaxis of malarial infections. While the work is entitled “Malaria in India,” thus giving the impression that it is devoted entirely to a discussion of the occurrence of malarial infection in that country, it is really a complete monograph upon the malarial fevers and one of the best that the reviewer has read. While throughout the work, especially in the chapters treating of economic problems, mosquito breeding, and prophylaxis, the subjects are considered with special application to India, it will be found that what is written can be just as well applied to other regions, and one is impressed with the practical knowledge of the author and his common-sense view of the problems that are considered.

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