Epidemiology of Blackwater Fever in Siam

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  • McCormick Hospital, Chiengmai, China


Blackwater fever, before unknown in Siam appeared in Chiengmai in epidemic form.

The first epidemic was confined to practically one city block and to three family connections.

The second epidemic occurred in a boy's school 4 miles from the city.

A short time after the first epidemic sporadic cases, 12 in all, began to appear.

The evidence would seem to point to a specific factor, supposedly a malaria parasite, but a variety capable of elaborating a potent hemolysin.

Prevention of relapse in a series of cases with neo-arsphenamine without quinine would seem to suggest that this parasite was a variety of Plasmodium vivax. But it should be noted that these same observations from treatment alone might point to a spirochete or a leptospira (26).