A Treatise on Hygiene and Public Health

6th ed. B. N. Ghosh. Calcutta Scientific Publishing Company, 1927

J. W. Meehan
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As indicated by the title the volume is not intended as a general textbook on the subject, and is prepared with “special reference to the Tropics,” particularly India. The influence of conditions in that section of the World is noted throughout the text, but the absence of all but casual reference to amoebic dysentery, dengue and typhus fever, in the chapter on preventible diseases, is not understood.

The sequence of chapters is the usual one adopted in similar texts, and each subject is treated in a thorough and practical manner. The presentation is clear, very readable and rendered more interesting by the absence of technical terms, not well understood by the average reader interested in Public Health. The chapters on food and diet cover 100 pages, and are quite up to date. Emphasis is placed on the necessity of regulating food requirements, by considering the various factors of age, sex, height, weight, build, occupation, etc.

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