A New Anopheline Mosquito, Anopheles (Chagasia) Bathanus Dyar, Discovered in the Canal Zone

D. P. Curry Assistant Chief Health Officer, The Panama Canal

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Dyar (1925) has listed nine species of Anopheles as having been taken in Panama, and two others, which, having been found in nearby countries, might be expected to occur here (but which, if present, have so far eluded capture). So thoroughly have the mosquitoes of Panama been studied by our own workers and others that only seldom do we find a new species to add to the about 140 species now listed. Especially in the last few years have the Anopheles been watched closely, as each sanitary inspector has a compound microscope of adequate power, and practically every specimen that is taken passes under its lens. Therefore, it is almost amazing that, in the last week of the year 1927, there should have been found in the Canal Zone a new species of Anopheles; not a single, isolated individual, but in such numbers that its taking and the rearing of specimens in abundance are an easy task.

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