Mosquito Surveys (A Handbook for Anti-malarial and Anti-mosquito Field Workers)

By Malcolm E. MacGregor, M.A. (Published for the Welcome Bureau of Scientific Research, 25/28 Endsleigh Gardens, London, Eng., W. C. 1. William Wood and Company, New York. Price $5.50. Cloth binding. 257 pages. Illustrated.)

J. H. St. John
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The expressed purpose of this book is to supplement the information found in the elementary textbooks on mosquitoes. It fills a distinct need for a monograph on mosquitoes which is midway between the elementary treatment accorded these insects in many of the textbooks on general entomology and that given in more highly specialized works.

The text may be conveniently divided into three parts as follows: (1) morphology and life history of mosquitoes in general; (2) a special section devoted to the mosquitoes of Mauritius and Rodriguez; and (3) a very useful division on technique in the laboratory and in the field. Clever line drawings, which to-day are quite generally conceded to be the best methods of illustrating morphology, are found in profusion and where especially needed to make a difficult word picture of anatomical relations understandable.

The author, happily, did not resort to crude and homely everyday comparisons in order to make his subject clear.

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