Précis de Medecine Coloniale

By Ch. Joyeux, Professeur agrégé á la Faculté de Médecine de Paris, etc. Masson et Cie., Paris, 1927. Pp. i + 832. Illustrated

C. F. C.
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This treatise upon colonial medicine, that is, upon tropical medicine, is the latest addition to the text-books upon this subject, and is an excellent, though brief, consideration of the subject. A careful examination of the text shows that it is well up to date and that the data presented is accurate but while this is so, it is also noted that credit is sometimes given inaccurately. For instance, while the work of Ashburn and Craig, and of Siler and his co-workers is mentioned in the discussion of dengue, only that portion of the work dealing with the transmission of the disease by mosquitoes is considered, and no mention is made of the demonstration by Ashburn and Craig that the virus is filtrable, a fact first demonstrated by these observers, nor of their work in proving that the infection is not contagious, which was the accepted opinion prior to their negative experiments.

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