Annual Report of the Sanitary Engineer of the Republic of Haiti for the Fiscal Year 1925–26, Port-au-Prince, December, 1926

H. J. Nichols
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This report has more significance than the usual annual report of a Health Department, because it records a high water mark in the latest American adventure in tropical medicine. In the earlier accomplishments in Cuba, in Porto Rico, in the Philippines and in Panama, the Medical Corps of the Army played a decisive part, and the names of Reed, Gorgas, Kean, Ashford, Hoff, Munson and many others are always to be associated with the successes of those days. In Haiti, as in the Virgin Islands and Santo Domingo, the credit goes to the Medical Corps of the Navy, and the names of Stitt and Butler are added to the roll of pioneer sanitarians of the West Indies. Surgeon General Stitt's connection with the work is noted in the following quotation:

“In connection with this important matter of personnel it is a pleasure to the Sanitary Engineer to acknowledge the great help given by Admiral Stitt, United States Navy, to every one of Haiti's Public Health problems.”

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