Preliminary Note on the Anthelmintic Value of Tetrachlorethylene Based on Egg Counts before and after One Treatment

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  1. 1.Tetrachlorethylene is taken with the same facility as carbon tetrachloride.
  2. 2.Test treatment of 14 patients gave reduction in egg output of 93 per cent with 3 cc. and 88 per cent with 2 cc.
  3. 3.Under field conditions, with adult doses of 3 and 2 cc. the reduction was 81 and 77 per cent respectively.
  4. 4.Fractional doses of tetrachlorethylene gave a reduction of 53 per cent.
  5. 5.The combined treatment of tetrachlorethylene and chenopodium gave an efficiency of 75 per cent.
  6. 6.Oil of chenopodium reduced the egg count by 47 per cent with doses of 1 to 1.5 cc. and by 24 per cent with a dose less than 1 cc.
  7. 7.Tetrachlorethylene gave no reduction in the Ascaris egg count, while the combined treatment and oil of chenopodium alone gave reductions of 59 and 66 per cent respectively.
  8. 8.Tetrachlorethylene is more active in reducing Trichuris counts than oil of chenopodium.
  9. 9.Tetrachlorethylene as a remedy for hookworm disease merits further trial.
  10. 10.Further test treatments with acid and neutral tetrachlorethylene is suggested.