The Value of Cultural Methods in Surveys for Parasitic Amebae of Man

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  • Department of Preventive Medicine and Clinical Pathology, Army Medical School, Washington, D. C.

In previous communications (1, 2,) St. John has called attention to the value of the cultural method in the diagnosis of infections with Endamoeba histolytica. The present communication deals with a survey for intestinal protozoa, in which the results obtained with the cultivation of the various organisms were compared with other methods of diagnosis. This survey was undertaken for the purpose of adding further to our knowledge regarding the value of the cultural method in the diagnosis of intestinal amebae, and to determine the relative value of the culture medium devised by Boeck and Drbovlav (3) and the more simple media devised by Craig (4) (5).

MATERIAL AND TECHNIQUE The present survey was made upon 71 individuals, 69 of whom comprised the present Officers' Class at the Army Medical School. This class consists of graduates in medicine, veterinary medicine, and dentistry.