Occurrence of Anopheles Vestitipennis in Porto Rico

Henry A. Johnson
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The anopheles heretofore reported from the Island included the well known malaria carrier A. albimanus, A. grabhamii, and possibly A. tarsimaculata. As the mosquito work developed it seemed expedient to watch for other possible species and each day's catch was therefore examined carefully and classified.

In examining some larvae in the laboratory in May, 1924, there appeared to be two of a species not before seen in the Island. The main difference was to be noted in the anterior clypeal hairs of the head which in the new species were branched but into less than ten ultimate branchlets. These two larvae happened to be nearly grown and were in due time hatched out. Examination of the adults showed them also to be a different species and by the aid of a key they seemed to be A. vestitipennis.