Preliminary Report on the Value of the Roentgen Ray in Estimating the Extent of Amebic Infection of the Large Intestine

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  • Panama, R. P.

During the past four years, while doing gastro-intestinal examinations in the roentgen ray laboratory of the Herrick Clinic, we noticed the persistent defects which one meets in the large intestine of patients who are affected with amebiasis due to E. histolytica. This became more and more evident until we called them to the attention of our Chief of Medical Clinic, Dr. W. M. James, and demonstrated to him, that while the defects vary in different individuals, there is always present a more or less variation from the normal.

The work has been carried on in a more detailed manner during the past eight or ten months, and we have been able to follow a fair number of cases, in which after a clinical and laboratory diagnosis of amebiasis had been definitely established, an examination of the large intestine with the roentgen ray was made.