Oscar Teague


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The tragic death of Dr. Teague on September 29, 1923, in an automobile accident, removed from the ranks of American physicians a worker of promise and achievement and a pure-minded devotee of science.

In American Men of Science the following data are found: Bacteriology; Greenville, Ala., January 8, '78; B.S. Vanderbilt, '98; M.S. '99; M.D., Berlin, '03; Assistant of Pathology, Medical College, Cornell, '05–'08, '12–'14; Bacteriologist, Bureau Science, P.I., '08–'12; Director, New York State Quarantine Laboratory, '14–'17; Assistant Bacteriologist, Columbia, '19. With Medical Corps, United States Army '17–'19. Delegate to International Plague Conference, Mukden, China, '11. Asst. Pathologist and Bacteriologist; Society Bacteriologists; Asst. Immunologist; Society Experimental Biology; London Society Tropical Medicine. Flocculation of colloids; treatment of trypanosomiasis; agglutination of the plague bacillus; pneumonic plague; diphtheria.

In addition, he devised the widely used eosin methylene blue plate for isolation of intestinal organisms; threw light on the action of typhoid bacilli on xylose; made contributions to the problem of chancroids.