Infection and Resistance. An exposition of the biological phenomena underlying the occurrence of infection and the recovery of the animal body from infectious disease, with a consideration of the principles underlying specific diagnosis and therapeutic measures

By Hans Zinsser, M.D., Professor of Bacteriology and Immunity, Medical School, Harvard University, etc. 3rd edition. Macmillan Co., New York. 1923. 666 pages

H. J. Nichols Army Medical School, Washington, D. C.

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The field covered by this book is of course a relatively recent one in medicine, dealing, as it does, with the mechanisms of life in terms of reactions, specific and otherwise, to parasites and foreign substances in general. This field is of great importance to the student, beginning or advanced, because a large proportion of the physical ailments of mankind are due directly or indirectly to their microscopic competitors. The subject has gone far beyond the separate consideration of each infection and has developed almost a science and philosophy of its own. In American literature there is a special journal on immunology and at least one other large systematic work on the subject.

This work was first published in October, 1914, and soon made a place for itself. It was reprinted in January, 1916, and in January, 1917. A second edition was published in 1918, and a third in 1923.

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