Zoonosen (Anthropozoonosen)

Die für Mensch und Tier gemeinsam wichtigen Krankheiten, by Prof. Dr. Anton Koegel. 243 pp. Paper or cloth. Basel: Ernst Reinhardt Verlag AG., 1951, Price, cloth, Sw. frs. 11.—i paper, Sw.frs, 8.80

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In the foreword to this treatise on the diseases of both man and animals, the author refers to the urgency of cooperation between medicine and veterinary medicine. To meet this need, a working committee for the study and control of the infectious diseases of human and animal origin has been founded.

This small volume tries to summarize, in compendium form, the essentials concerning etiology, symptomatology, therapy and prophylaxis of nearly every infectious or parasitic disease infective to man and other animals. It is addressed to the students in both disciplines, to zoologists, livestock breeders, farmers, hunters and all lovers of animals. Such a treatise is urgently needed and should prove valuable, provided it is up to date and the statements made are accurate. Furthermore, it should not merely follow the old trodden path, but should discuss the provocative biological aspects expressed in the ecology of the hosts and parasites and the complicated epidemiology of the infection chains illustrated by concrete examples. This has not been done.