Diseases of the Tropics

by George Cheever Shattuck, M.D., Professor of Tropical Medicine, Emeritus, Harvard Medical School and School of Public Health. 803 pp., illustrated. Cloth. New York: Appleton-Century-Crofts, Ind. 1951. Price $10.00

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In his preface the author has stated his objective as a concise but comprehensive account of the diseases of the tropics. This he has successfully accomplished. The volume is divided into twelve sections with collaborating authors participating in three. It is well and adequately illustrated. An extensive index permits easy reference to specific subjects.

The individual disease descriptions follow a uniform pattern comprising geographical distribution, historical background, epidemiology and transmission, pathology, clinical phenomena and treatment. The recent literature has been extensively reviewed and much relatively new information is presented. The discussions of treatment, while brief, include the modern drugs and methods of administration useful to the clinician. Little attention is devoted to the details of laboratory diagnosis. The discussion of each disease is followed by a brief bibliography of the more important basic articles in the literature which considerably enhances the value of the volume as a whole.