Books Received

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Note: Books received for editorial consideration will be intermittently listed. This acknowledgment must be regarded as an adequate expression of appreciation for the courtesy of the author or publisher. Selections will be made for review in the interest of our readers.

Experiment in Dental Care. Results of New Zealand's Use of School Dental Nurses. By John T. Fulton, D.D.S., Dental Services Adviser, Children's Bureau, Federal Security Agency, Washington, D. C. W.H.O. Monograph Series No. 4. 87 pp., illustrated. Paper. Geneva, World Health Organization, 1951. Price $1.00, 5/-, Sw. fr. 4.00. (Obtainable from Columbia University Press, International Documents Service, 2960 Broadway, New York 27, N. Y.)

Color Atlas of Morphologic Hematology, with a Guide to Clinical Interpretation. By Geneva A. Daland; edited by Thomas Hale Ham; illustrations by Etta Piotti. From the Thorndike Memorial Laboratory, Boston City Hospital. 74 pp., 23 illustrations, 14 in color. Cambridge, Mass., Harvard University Press, 1951. $5.00.