Observations on Eretmapodites Silvestris Conchobius Edwards (Culicidae) in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan

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Eretmapodites silvestris conchobius Edwards is added to the known mosquito fauna of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan. A description of its larval and pupal stages is given for the first time, together with field observations on its breeding and biting habits. The fact that mosquitoes of this genus are considered to be of potential importance in the transmission of yellow fever, and that this form was taken in the endemic yellow fever area of Southeastern Anglo-Egyptian Sudan is mentioned. Aedes (Stegomyia) simpsoni Theobald, a known yellow fever transmitter in other parts of Africa, is also listed from the same area.

Author Notes

Head, Department of Medical Zoology.

Head, Department of Entomology, Lt. Commander (MSC) USN.