Results Obtained in Testing Molluscacides in Field Plots Containing Oncomelania Nosophora, an Intermediate Host of Schistosoma Japonicum

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  1. 1.Out of 59 chemicals and mixtures tested in the laboratory on O. nosophora, 26 were selected for tests in field plots.
  2. 2.Six of these gave encouraging results. They included: calcium cyanamide, sodium dinitro-o-cresol, dinitro-o-cyclohexylphenol, its dicyclohexylamine salt, pentachlorophenol, and sodium pentachlorophenate.

Author Notes

406th Medical General Laboratory, Tokyo, Japan; and the University of Oklahoma Medical School.

Yamanashi Health Department.

National Institute of Health of Japan.

406th Medical General Laboratory, Tokyo, Japan.