Malaria and Its Control in Bombay State

by D. K. Viswanathan, Assistant Director of Public Health in charge of malariology, Bombay State, India. 263 pp. with 22 illustrations. Cloth. Poona, Bombay State, India: D. K. Viswanathan, Connaught House. 1950. Rupees 10, postpaid

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This monograph gives a comprehensive report of malaria studies and control work in Bombay State from the time of the creation of a malaria control organization for the State in 1942 to April 1950. The printing is rather poor and the text would have benefited from careful editing. But the material presented should be read by everyone associated with malaria control work in India, and by anyone interested in malaria control in the tropics. The author is one of India's most competent malariologists and has been associated with malaria work for a quarter century; his principal assistant in the work described, Mr. T. Ramachandra Rao, is an eminent malaria entomologist.

Section I deals with the organization of the malaria control work in Bombay State, while Section II covers the “Pre-DDT Period” of the work. It discusses the epidemiology of malaria in Kanara District, the most malarious district of the State, where the work was initiated, and covers three years of hard work; the author takes the view that the information obtained was of great value in the development of a control program based upon DDT spraying of homes.