Methods in Medicine

by Herrmann, George R., M.D., Ph,D., 2nd Edition, completely revised. The C. V. Mosby Co., St. Louis. 488 pp. no illustrations, 1950. $7.50

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This book is brought out by the author as a festschrift to honor one of the master clinicians and leading promoters of good medicine, Dr. George Dock, on his 90th birthday. The dedication of this thorough, useful and practical book to his early teacher and advisor gives evidence of the deep appreciation so many of us feel who had the good fortune to come under his influence and guidance.

This is a kind of manual planned as a practical ward or bedside guide for the thorough clinical investigation of the common and some of the more rare conditions. It is packed with useful and practical information, not only relative to clinical and bedside diagnosis, but also to therapeutic and dietetic methods applicable to almost all conditions and situations with which the internist is concerned. Almost 200 pages are devoted to an orderly and most practical presentation of methods for dealing with these problems of the internist.