Comparative Effects of Certain Species of Trypanosomidae on the Growth of Endamoeba Histolytica in the Absence of Bacteria

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The effects of each of seven species of Trypanosomidae on growth of E. histolytica in test tubes and microtubes were studied with the following results: Good growth of amoebae was demonstrated in microtubes with T. cruzi; fair growth of amoebae was demonstrated in microtubes with S. fasciculata; there was very little growth of amoebae in microtubes with T. conorhini, T. pipistrelli, L. donovani, L. tropica, and L. brasiliensis. In test tube cultures, good growth of amoebae was demonstrated through indefinite serial transfers with T. cruzi; the amoebae failed to grow through indefinite serial transfers in test tubes with each of the other trypanosomid species tested. Comparative studies on the physiology of the Trypanosomidae is proposed as an approach to the identification of growth factors required by E. histolytica.

Author Notes

Laboratory of Tropical Diseases, Microbiological Institute of the National Institutes of Health, Public Health Service, Bethesda, Maryland.