Advances in the Therapy of Nutritional Deficiencies

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I am deeply appreciative of the honor accorded me by the invitation to deliver this, the fifteenth, Charles Franklin Craig Lecture. I have prepared it with an acute sense of my inadequacy to develop the subject in a fashion which would be fitting to honor the worker in whose name the lectureship was established.

I have taken a rather broad interpretation of the title, and shall review details of most recent developments in nutritional therapy only as they are illustrative of principles.

Medical treatment is almost never the therapy of a disease, but rather the understanding and treatment of a patient with one or more diseases. No group is more aware of the principle of considering the patient rather than the disease than are students of tropical medicine. This truth is illustrated by the frequently-heard statement that “tropical medicine” should be designated as “medicine in the tropics”—i.e. medicine as influenced by the total environmental conditions of the tropics.