Florence C. Kelly and Eileen Hite. Introduction by G. M. Dack. Microbiology

Pp. xvi plus 592. Figs. 185. Clo. 8vo New York, Appleton-Century-Crofts, Inc. 1949. Price not stated

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This is an excellent compilation of up-to-date information concerning the broad spectrum of microorganisms and viruses, about the diseases some of them cause, and how they are transmitted.

It consists of a brief historical account and 44 chapters grouped into 8 parts. The names of the latter indicate the scope and emphasis of the text—Part 1. Introduction to the Microscopic World (8 chapters, phylogenetic groups, 102 pp.), Part 2. Methods for Studying Microorganisms (5 chapters, technique and classification, 59 pp.), Part 3. The Physiology of Bacteria (3 chapters, metabolism and cycles, 20 pp.), Part 4. Microbial Populations (2 chapters, development, inheritance, and associations, 20 pp.), Part 5. Antimicrobial Methods (3 chapters, bacteriostasis, disinfection, asepsis, and chemotherapy, 37 pp.), Part 6. Microorganisms and Disease (3 chapters, parasitism, immunity, and hypersensitivity, 36 pp.), Part 7. Pathogenic Microbiology (18 chapters, by variously-sised groups of agents and diseases, 206 pp.), Part 8.