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Dr. Mark F. Boyd, Editor

American Journal of Tropical Medicine,

615 East Sixth Avenue

Tallahassee, Florida

Dear Dr. Boyd:

As you may know Doctor R. E. Dyer will soon reach retirement age and will leave the National Institutes of Health where he has been Director for eight years. He has accepted a position with Emory University as Director of Research in the Robert Winship Clinic.

Many of his friends both in and out of the Government service have discussed informally the establishment in his honor of a lectureship to be known as the R. E. Dyer Lectureship of the National Institutes of Health, financed by contributions of his friends throughout the country.

We, who join as co-signers of this very informal letter, feel that you would like to have this matter brought to your attention to give you the opportunity to bring it to the attention of those of your colleagues who may know Doctor Dyer and his many splendid contributions to the medical field.