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  • Bureau of Laboratories New York City Health Department

June 13, 1950


American Journal of Tropical Medicine

Dear Sir:

In the March, 1950 issue of the American Journal of Tropical Medicine, in an article entitled “The Evaluation of the Influence of World War II on the Incidence of Amebiasis”, the authors quote me as reporting the incidence of amebiasis among veterans of World War II as 5.5% (Table 1).

It is regrettable that my report was misinterpreted. The figure of 5.5% is not quoted from the article but is derived from the fact that 74 cases of amebiasis were found among 1324 veterans. Your authors did not realize that some of the 1324 were not examined for intestinal parasites. They were seen for conditions such as malaria and skin affections. The incidence of amebiasis is therefore higher than they calculated.

In the course of our experience with more than 2,000 veterans, we have encountered 260 in whom we were able to perform stool examinations on a routine basis.