Laboratory Infection with Leishmania Donovani: A Case Report


  1. 1.A case of accidental infection caused by Leishmania donovani is presented. It is believed to be the only reported case of leishmaniasis due to Leishmania donovani originating in the United States and the only reported case of an accidental infection in a laboratory worker due to this parasite.
  2. 2.The disease was manifest by swelling of a finger and regional epitrochlear and axillary adenopathy. There was no evidence of systemic infection.
  3. 3.The diagnosis was made by detection of the parasite in fluid secured by aspiration biopsy; in impression smears of the excised lymph node and fixed tissue sections of the lymph node, and growth in culture of the tissue on NNN medium.
  4. 4.The patient responded satisfactorily to treatment with Stibanose, a pentavalent antimony preparation. He has been followed for one year and shows no evidence of relapse.

Author Notes

Medical Director, USPHS, and Chief of the Medical Service.

Senior Assistant Surgeon, USPHS, and Resident in Medicine.

Senior Assistant Surgeon, USPHS and Resident in Medicine assigned to Pathology.