Robert Matheson, Medical Entomology

2nd edition. Pp. xii plus 612. Figs. 242, 4 Plates. Ithaca, New York, Comstock Publishing Company, Inc., 1950. $7.50

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In the second edition of his “Medical Entomology,” Dr. Matheson has assembled information on the epochal advances of recent years in the field of medical entomology and has integrated it nicely with the original text. The material is organized as in the first edition: The first chapter gives a brief historical survey of the role of arthropods in disease transmission and lists the more important separate works and journals dealing with medical entomology, parasitology, and preventive medicine. The next 18 chapters are devoted to discussions of the classification, biologies, disease relationships, and methods of control of the various arthropods of medical importance. A final chapter deals with methods for collecting, preserving, and mounting insects. A well chosen bibliography is furnished at the end of each chapter with those references starred which are of special importance or which contain extensive bibliographies.

Only a few of the many additions and expanded discussions throughout the new book can be mentioned here.