Effect of Feeding Antimony Compounds to Mice Experimentally Infected with Schistosoma Mansoni

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In past work from this laboratory on the effects of various chemical compounds on experimental Schistosoma mansoni infections in mice many compounds were fed but only two were found to be of some promise when administered by this route. These were butyl antimonyl gallate and phenyl mercuric gluconate. Since the treatment of human schistosomiasis by a drug that could be administered orally would be of great advantage, further work has been carried on to explore the effects of other antimonials when fed to infected mice. Several other antimonials have been found which completely clear infected mice of schistosoma worms when these compounds, mixed with their food, are fed to the mice. Since it has been found necessary to discontinue work in this laboratory on experimental chemotherapy of schistosomiasis a few other results with oil soluble antimonials are also included in the present report as well as some work on the treatment of experimentally infected golden hamsters.