Professor Doctor Theodor Wagner-Jauregg. Therapeutische Chemie. Arznei—und Desinfektionsmittel zur Bekampfung von Infekionskrankheiten

Medizinischer Verlag Hans Huber, Bern. 272 pp. 1949. Cloth binding, Swiss francs 37.50; cardboard cover, Swiss frans 35.50

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This up-to-date manual on a timely subject is written by one whose experience in this field provides the reader with confidence in the information presented. Following a brief Foreword the author presents his material in three main groups, Antiseptics, Chemotherapeutics and Antibiotics. The material in each group is considered from the viewpoint of its chemical nature, and in the great majority of compounds includes both the chemical and structural formulas. The items are taken in sequence with reference to their relationship to one another; wherever they have semi-popular names in different countries, the several names are included. There is condensed information on the pharmacology, toxicology, indications for use and therapeutic schedules for each chemical which has been tested with bibliographic footnotes citing sources of information.

The completeness of the information, including 1948 and 1949 references, is surprising considering that the Foreword was written in the spring of 1948.