Edward A. Steinhaus. Principles of Insect Pathology

1st edition. Pp. xii plus 757. Figs. 219. Cloth. New York, Toronto, London, McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1949. $8.00

Mark F. Boyd
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This book represents the first attempt to systematize the extensive data relating to insect pathology, a subject of great practical importance to entomologists, both general and specialized.

Its scope is indicated by the titles of its fourteen chapters. The introductory chapter is followed by one discussing mechanical, physical and chemical injuries, including the action of insecticides. This is followed by one treating of nutrition and metabolism. The extracellular microbiota of healthy insects and the intracellular microbiota, each receive one chapter. Likewise infection and epizootiology, as well as resistance and immunity, are discussed in companion chapters. A further chapter is devoted to symptoms and pathologies. Separate chapters deal with bacterial infections, fungous infections, virus infections, protozoan infections and nematode infections. The concluding chapter discusses applied insect pathology and biological control. To each chapter is appended an extensive bibliography.

Although the literature relating to the pathology of insects is extensive, it is widely scattered, and there has been no single source or treatise to which an entomologist in rapid search of information could conveniently turn.