Ernest Carroll Faust. Human Helminthology

A Manuel for Physicians, Sanitarians and and Medical Zoologists. 3rd edition, revised. Philadelphia, Lea and Febiger, Pages 1-744. Illustrated with 313 engravings. 1949. $10.00

Donald L. Augustine
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The publication of the third edition of Faust's “Human Helminothology” attests the recognition of the importance of parasitology in today's medical curricula, and the popularity of this standard text on the subject. This new volume is somewhat smaller and has fewer pages than the second edition, but the page size is larger.

The text matter is arranged on the pattern of the former editions. The main interests are historical, biological, clinical and epidemiological. Two new sections have been added: (a) Section V, the nematomorpha, which previously was included under the nemathel minthes or roundworms, and (b) Section VI, the annelida, which is new. All chapters have been revised and improved. The chapter on anthelmintics is thorough and complete. The introduction of a glossary of zoological and medical terms is a notable addition. The definitions, however, are not always clear or correct, particularly those pertaining to some larval stages of tapeworms, such as cercomer, coracidium, hydatid cyst and proceroid.